Meet Hollistic, the musical alter ego of Hugo Hollis, a dynamic DJ and producer based in the vibrant city of Brighton, UK. While Hollis initially embraced the world of music through playing the guitar, it wasn’t until the age of 24 that he ventured into the realm of music production. His decision to try producing for a year proved to be a pivotal moment, as Hollistic became addicted to the creative process and never looked back.

Hollistic’s musical style is centered around House music, yet it traverses various genres, showcasing his love for diverse sounds. A distinctive thread running through all his compositions is an emphasis on infusing a sense of organic life, creating tracks that feel alive and vibrant.

One of the recurring highlights in Hollistic’s career is his annual appearance at the El Dorado Festival, a testament to his prowess and standing in the music scene. After years of refining his craft.

Throughout his life Hollistic got marked by a transformative event at 26 undergoing heart surgery. Though not life-threatening, this experience prompted him to reflect on life’s aspirations. Grateful for the perspective it provided, Hollistic acknowledges that this experience redirected his path toward musical journey he now considers an integral and irreplaceable part of his life.